Race Administrators Information

The EASEF head tax is now $2.00 per race start (not $5.00).  The USSA is still $10.00 and Nhara is still $3.00. 

USSA Race Administrators - Power Point

Jury Minutes - A Guide for Preparing - Power Point

2015-2016 NHARA Race Administrator Guide

USSA Vola Powerpoint Presentation


FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I send results to the NHARA website?

Where can I get updates to the USSA Software?

Where can I get USSA Alpine Officials Manual (especially the section for Race Administrators)?

How do I contact the TD prior to the race?

The USSA Alpine Officials Manual is available online at the USSA site in PDF format .  click here

Updates to race software can be downloaded from the USSA site or directly from Split Second Timing.  click here

How to Send Race Results For the NHARA Website

TD Schedule

If you have not received a schedule of TD's and you need to find out who will be the TD, contact Ted Newman.