NHARA General Information


The New Hampshire Alpine Racing Association is a voluntary NH corporation whose purposes are:

1. To promote alpine racing programs in the interests of New Hampshire competitors.

2. To coordinate NH alpine programs with those of the U.S.S.A./Eastern Division and the Federation Internationale de Ski (FIS).

3. To assist New Hampshire competitors; and encourage others to make available facilities, financial aid and other support, thus enabling racers to achieve their full potential including the opportunity to participate and succeed in State, National and International competition.

4. To cooperate closely with vital elements of the alpine ski industry in New Hampshire for the promotion of the sport and for the benefit of New Hampshire competitors.

5. To cooperate with N.H. Ski Areas.

NHARA is franchised by USSA to administer its programs within New Hampshire, to wit:

1. To arrange and confirm a suitable race schedule for all levels of competition.

2. To determine and administer procedures for the selection of racers to fill New Hampshire quotas at major Eastern invitational events.

3. To encourage the growth and development of strong, productive local training programs, which are the foundation of ski racing.

4. To coordinate Eastern and USSA programs with the local training programs of ski clubs, academies, schools and colleges.

5. To participate in the governance of USSA in administration and policy-making

NHARA is governed by a 25 member Board of Trustees, with an Executive Committee of 9. Trustees are elected annually. The Board appoints several committee heads to represent the various state interests in alpine ski racing. The Board meets regularly. Meetings are open to all members. NHARA membership is open to anyone with a bona-fide interest in alpine ski racing in New Hampshire upon payment of annual dues. Members of the Board of Trustees must also be members of USSA.