All NHARA Members are expected to know the following code of conduct and agree to abide by these laws.  To print a copy of the Application Form you need to agree to follow the code by Clicking "Agree" below and signing that you have read and understand the code.

NHARA CODE OF CONDUCT NHARA supports the Competition Regulations of USSA which provide a framework in which the various ski programs are developed and operated at all levels. It particularly endorses the policy for sportsmanlike conduct which states that competitors, coaches, officials or other personnel may be reprimanded, disqualified or suspended for conduct at USSA events that is prejudicial to the sport, as recommended by member organizations and so determined by a Divisionís Board of Directors.

GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP includes, but is not limited to:

A. Respect for all race officials and ski area employees.
B. Suitable dress and grooming, courtesy and good manners in public places, at races and while traveling.
C. Self-control, responsible behavior, consideration for otherís physical and emotional well-being. No profane or abusive language. D. Respect for private and public property.
E. Abstinence from the illegal use of alcohol and drugs as befitting an athlete, coach or official representing a club, school or ski area.
F. Respect for lift facilities, lift privileges, and closed areas.
G. Honest conduct. No theft or misrepresentation whatsoever.
H. Attendance at awards ceremonies and receptions. I. Respect of USSA and FIS rules regarding commercial display at awards ceremonies

A summary of the Regulations may be found in the USSA Competition Guide. Copies of the complete By-laws and Competition Regulations are available at the USSA Office. A RACE JURY, OR THE NHARA REVIEW COMMITTEE, MAY PREVENT A RACER, DISQUALIFIED FOR MISCONDUCT, FROM COMPETING IN ONE OR MORE FUTURE RACES. NHARA REVIEW AND APPEALS COMMITTEE This committee shall review reported incidents of misconduct on the part of any NHARA racer, coach, or official, and shall recommend sanctions, as appropriate, to the Board of Trustees. The committee shall review reports of mismanagement and rules infractions at NHARA-sponsored races, and shall provide recommendations to race organizations and juries to improve the quality of NHARA-sponsored races. This Committee also reviews disciplinary actions taken by Race Juries and any complaints concerning Athlete Selections, Sanctions and Reprimands. Appeals should be forwarded to the Chairman as soon as possible, accompanied by a fee which will be returned if the appeal is upheld. Action by the Committee will be taken as soon as possible.